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Specialty Friction Lining

Abex® specialty friction linings meet the stringent testing and quality standards required by the toughest customers.

Transit Vehicle

Transit Brake

  • Designed for extreme driving conditions of city buses and highway coaches
  • Quieter operation in stop-and-go traffic conditions
  • Abex 6133 MQ, Abex 685/697 MC, Abex 697 MX and Beral 1616 MAN formulations
Refuse Vehicle

Refuse Brake

  • Engineered to provide excellent lining life and drum wear in stop-and-go duty cycles
  • Superior stopping power for refuse / waste hauler applications
  • Abex 6098 SDA formulation
School Bus Vehicle

School Bus Brake

  • Engineered to provide superior performance in school bus applications
  • Smooth and quiet braking at low and high speeds
  • Abex 6011 EL formulation
Fire Truck Vehicle

Fire Truck/Severe Service Brake

  • Designed to provide smooth braking at low and high speeds
  • Superior performance in fire truck, emergency vehicle and other severe service applications
  • Abex FT, Abex 6061 RSM, Abex 6260/6061 RSC and Abex 6297 RX formulations