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Commercial Vehicle Friction Lining

Abex® drum brake friction lining formulations have a long history of superior, consistent and reliable performance. This provides optimum stopping power and superior value for the most demanding applications.

Abex brake pads displaying part number 6326
Abex brake pads displaying part number 6326
Abex brake pads displaying part number 6326

The Next Generation of Abex RSD!

Abex® has a history of advancing brake technology backed by global R&D. The 6326 RNLL (Long Life)  brake linings have 34% improved lining life* and 46% improved drum wear* compared to Abex 6260 RN. That’s just one way Abex keeps you miles ahead.

* Lining life and drum wear test results for Abex 6326 RNLL conducted internally on Link-certified dynamometer. Wear/temperature test performed on a Meritor 16.5” x 5” Q Plus S-cam drum brake at 12,500 lbs. GAWR

Blue lining life and drum wear icon, displaying an graphic of a brake linings and a brake drum.

6326 RNLL - Improved Formulation

  • Meets FMVSS 121 RSD stopping distance standard
  • Meets FMVSS 121 @ 12,500 lbs. GAWR for steer axle applications
  • Meets FMVSS 121 @ 20,000 lbs. GAWR for drive/trailer axle applications
  • Crack resistant
  • Copper-free
  • Contributes to a balanced brake system when used on both tractor and trailer
  • Can be used on trailers to provide superior stopping power
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Abex Friction Lining Grades

Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD)

  • Provides the safety, security and performance demanded by leading commercial and private fleets
  • Abex 6326 RNLL and Abex 6297 RX formulations




  • Affordable, quality friction
  • Abex VL20 and VL23 formulations
Abex Rotor 6297 RX

Abex Drum Brake Friction Linings

Abex friction lining formulations provide the performance and safety expected from one of the largest global friction manufacturers. Characteristics across Abex linings include:

  • Crack resistant friction formulas reducing CPM (cost per mile)
  • Manufactured in ISO TS 16949 certified plants
  • Copper-free
  • Low swell and growth

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