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Wagner lighting products are Wagner Certified Quality, going through unsurpassed quality control standards and manufactured to exact specifications, which means you can trust them for long lasting dependability. From sealed beams to capsules to miniature lamps, Wagner Lighting delivers product performance that exceeds original equipment standards and provides superior replacement lighting.

wagner lighting product view
wagner lighting product view

Wagner Lighting History



Market Leader in Innovative Products

Wagner is poised to launch an innovative new line of lighting for the commercial marketplace branded Wagner LongLife HD.



Wagner introduced to the marketplace Wagner TruView PLUS LED miniature lamps, engineered to deliver 10-plus years of performance, while projecting a whiter, brighter and deeper pattern of light.


New Lighting Line-Up Launched

Wagner launched a new premium line-up of capsule lighting, including Wagner NightDefense™, Wagner BriteLite™ and Wagner TruView® PLUS, with differentiated features and benefits.


New State-of-the-Art Testing Facility

Wagner opened a state-of-the-art testing facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Acquisition of Wagner Lighting

Federal-Mogul acquired the Wagner Lighting brand in its acquisition of Cooper Industries.


Merge with Tung-Sol

Wagner merged with Tung-Sol to become the largest manufacturer of automotive light bulbs.


A Record Setting Year

Wagner plant capacity doubled in ten years and Wagner now employed a record 8,000 employees.


Top Selling Year

Wagner reported sales of over $70 million.


Wagner Manufactures First Electric Light Bulb For Automobiles

As automobile lighting transitioned from acetylene fuel and kerosene lanterns to electrical lighting, Wagner manufactured miniature light bulbs and some of the first electric light bulbs for automobiles.


The Horseless Carriage

Wagner engineers, always looking for new opportunities and applications, began to look at the horseless carriage, as the automobile industry moved beyond being a rich man’s plaything in the Gay Nineties to a true growth industry for the world. Wagner experimented with electric starters, electrical charging stations, storage batteries and even built a prototype electric car.


Wagner Lighting is Born!

H.A. Wagner started the Wagner Electric Manufacturing Company in two rooms on Olive Street in St. Louis, Missouri. The company’s first product was a self-starting motor for a desk fan, meaning no more hand cranking, a major breakthrough, as the electric fan held much the same appeal in the 1890s as air conditioning does today.